Move Along Home


Summary: Dax, Kira, Bashir and Sisko are held captive in a game by the Wadi – a gamma quadrant species that we never meet again. They have to complete the game before they can be released.

It seems to me to be a rather weak episode – there’s no reason or meaning in the encounter, nobody wins anything, the Wadi seem to have no purpose in the game other than entertainment, and we don’t learn anything of value about the Gamma Quadrant cultures. So what’s the point, unless the writers/ directors just wanted to have a bit of a laugh making the actors dance around and sing for the fun of it?

I’ve written about this episode more than once, not because I like it but because feeling that you’re a pawn in a game of the gods, or whoever the ‘powers that be’ might consist of (whether parents, partners, employers or government), controlling, arranging, moving us along without our consent or control, while we have no choice but to live by their rules is a common theme, at least in my life!

I feel a bit bombarded at the moment by conspiracy theories, you know – all those theories about New World Order leaders and secret societies that pull our strings. I don’t know why they’re conspiracy theories to be honest, it’s all hiding in plain sight. We are being managed, controlled, funneled along the paths the ‘powers that be’ wish us to follow, just like cattle. Even if we opt out and make our own choices, we are still limited by their economic policies.

Sometimes I feel a little bit like Cypher, who wanted to get plugged back into the Matrix without remembering anything about the truth of how the world really works. But the only way he could do that was by betraying everyone around him, and anyway it turned out not to be possible – getting plugged back in was an illusion in itself.

What can we do then? How shall we then live? Are we all really sheeple, just washed along on the tide of the warmongers and corporate interests that control the governments (no matter what shade or flavour that currently happens to be in)? Is there anything we can do to free ourselves, free our minds? Or is everything an illusion?

When do we get out of the game and start really living?


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The following were my categories/ interests on the original blog on Open Diary. The posts themselves are lost, but it will give you a flavour of what you might expect from my writing.

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I’m adding the few that I think I am likely to use again this time round, which are primarily the science-fiction-related categories. I have also added the category of Doctor Who, because although I loved Classic Who as a child, I had not discovered New Who when I wrote the original blog in 2006. In fact, I didn’t watch any of the new seasons until last year, but now I have discovered it, I am a big fan (as you can see from my ‘current emanation’ avatar, Amelia Pond.